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CES 2012 Video: iHealth Wireless Body Fat Scale

iHealth is offering a wireless body fat scale that can be used with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. By downloading an app, you can wirelessly record, your weight, your body fat, and your BMI. You can track your progress day-to-day, or compare your fitness results and goals with others. CES2012

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Better Health: The Sanitary Workout

The recent New York Times article, “Be Sure Exercise Is All You Get at the Gym” puts us on guard about hygiene and personal health at the gym. Stretching on a mat, alternating between an elliptical and a stationary bike, or wiping off sweat with a towel might not be as harmless as you might…

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Motion Sensors and Senior Health

One of our readers recently sent us an email saying that, “I am interested in more information on the GE motion sensor that was converted into a Sensor to Monitor Senior Health.” We are happy to provide a complete explanation about how the GE motion sensor can be benefit seniors.

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