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Looking for Love?

If you love the iPad, iPod and iPhone, and have a hard time relating to people who don’t, then the Cupidtino online dating site may be for you. It’s where Apple aficionados (commonly referred to as “fan boys” and “fan girls”) can link up with each other over long conversations about apps.

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The First Look at the iPad

For fans and Apple gurus, the moment is nearly here. This weekend, Apple’s much anticipated iPad will debut in stores. Expectations for this device are sky-high; early reviews portray the iPad as a simple device that may be the gadget that the casual consumer will embrace wholeheartedly.

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Support Your Neck, Not Just Your Looks, at the Beauty Parlor

Researchers at the New Jersey Medical School in Newark have been studying the correlation between altered blood flow to the brain and resting your neck on a beauty salon sink, which, in some instances, have led to stroke. Thus, the  Neck-Eez Neck Cushion was developed. This pad is a durable, washable and  waterproof support system for…

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Senior Friendly Guide to Smartphones

Smartphones are more than just your typical cellphone. They are equipped with advanced operating systems, relatively larger displays,and QWERTY keyboards. It is no wonder that general interest for many seniors has started to shift from basic, bear-bone phones like the Jitterbug towards smartphones. When looking for a new smartphone, there are a variety of features…

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