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MSN Free Games: MahJong Tiles

by: ElderGadget on: 12-05-2010

For those who play the old favorite Mah Jongg, MahJong Tiles is an creative online alternative, and with a little training, this can bring the excitement of the contest right in your own home. Very popular on the MSN Game site, number 4 to be exact. Great game for practicing seniors analytical and spacial skills. Fun for the fifty-plus as well. Graphics are easy to see. And its free! Click on the picture above to be taken directly to the game on the MSN site.

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  • geraldine busing 11-18-2011 02:09 PM
    Just trying to see if I will like it
  • geraldine busing 11-18-2011 02:11 PM
    Iplay mah jong tiles quite often