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Senior-Friendly Analog Watches for Women

by: Nellie Day on: 10-20-2009

As we previously mentioned, we featured only men's examples in our post Analog Watches with Senior-Friendly Features. We did this simply to maintain uniformity throughout the article. ElderGadget's well aware that there's a large female population who would also love to know which watches to consider if they suffer from one or more of the effects from aging. That's why we put together a second list of watches that are not only practical, but stylish for today's women. Enjoy - and don't forget to let us know what you think!

What to Look For in a Watch:

I. Velcro Strap VANS Midsize Lancaster Watch #VNCL087310
This watch looks like something from the Burberry catalog, but its $85 price tag tells you otherwise. Aside from the Velcro fastener, the watch also features a large canvas strap, and a strap tightener that allows the wearer to just slip it on and fasten. II. Synthetic Sapphire Crystal Covering Momentum M50 DSS Women's Steel Bracelet Watch #1M-DV51S0
F Cover
The Momentum has a gorgeous face, so it

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