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Spotlight Review: Motorola 89484N HX550 Universal Bluetooth Headset

Overall Ratings
Cool factor: 
Form Factors: Clip-on
Senior Friendly
Estimated battery life: 8 hour(s) and over  
  Motorola knows headsets. And the HX550 Bluetooth headset puts a lot of the best technology available into an inexpensive, small, lightweight package. It has Moto's CrystalTalk technology for making the sound on both ends clean and clear, including excellent noise cancellation (they claim twice as much background noise cancellation as a comparable Plantronics product). It has a really long battery life, up 9 hours of talk and/or up to 384 hours (16 days) of standby. You can take calls from two different phones (e.g. if you have one for work, one for personal use). There's also a compatible Android app called MotoSpeak that allows you to dictate texts hands-free as well as hear your texts read back. They claim a range of up to 300 feet, which is quite far outside the Bluetooth spec of 33 feet, but it will definitely allow you to walk pretty far without having to carry your phone. The headset package comes with three different ways to comfortably wear it, on ear, in-ear without hook, and in-ear with hook. You can choose for best comfort and sound, which is a fantastic feature.   For more information or to purchase a Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset, visit Amazon.com.

Main Features

Product type Bluetooth Headsets
Price: $50 - $80
Manufacturer: Motorola
Estimated battery life: 8 hour(s) and over  
Form Factors: Clip-on

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