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Product Focus: 2011 Nissan Leaf

Overall Ratings
Cool factor: 
120V Power outlet: Standard
Available Engine: Electric
Body Style: Sedan
Senior Friendly
Active Noise Cancelling: Not available  
Antilocking Brakes: Standard  
Senior Friendly Features: Ease of use , Easy to see , Easy to hear , Comfortable to drive Nissan's new Leaf is 100% electric. It has, as stated in the info on NissanUSA.com, no tailpipe. It's the first fully electric car since the GM EV1 15 years ago. It is very quiet, offering the chance to hear everything else on the road (other cars approaching, etc.), listen to music or just enjoy the silence. The car reports a range of 100 miles on a full charge, some of which will depend on use. Like many electric cars, it accelerates quickly compared to a gas-powered counterpart. It offers convenient overnight home charging (120/220 volt) or with an optional cable it can pull up to a dedicated EV charger in a couple of hours. At the charging station, it will fill the battery to 80% in about 30 minutes, perfect for grabbing a little lunch. The built-in navigation system can tell you where those charging stations are, should you decide to drive outside the 100-mile range. I spent a few minutes driving one around a parking lot, and it is different to drive a fully electric vehicle. It's really quiet, feels solid, and turns easily. People walked up and asked about reserving one. To date, they've already filled the 20,000 reservations that started the program. The Leaf will ship starting in December, 2010. More information at NissanUSA.com.

Main Features

Product type Cars
Price: $32,000 - $34,000
Manufacturer: Nissan
120V Power outlet: Standard
Active Noise Cancelling: Not available  
Antilocking Brakes: Standard  
Available Engine: Electric
Backup Cameras: Not available
Bluetooth phone Interface: Standard  
Body Style: Sedan
Collision Avoidance: Not available
Drivetrain Type: Front-wheel drive
GPS NAV System: Standard  
Keyless Start: Standard
Lane Departure Warning: Not available  
Portable MP3 Player: Standard
Roadside Assistance: Standard  
Satelite Radio: Standard
Steerable Headlights: Not available
Traction Control: Standard  
Video Entertainment sys: Not available

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