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Spotlight Review: LG LG500G Tracfone with Double Minutes for Life

Overall Ratings
Cool factor: 
Input Options: Keyboard
Style: Candy bar phone
Senior Friendly
Wireless Interface: Bluetooth  
The Tracfone LG500G prepaid phone by LG has a lot of good features, and it's cheap! Around $17 for the phone, which gives you a candybar-style phone with a full QWERTY keyboard on the bottom and a graphic LCD screen on the top. It has a few apps including calculator, calendar, texting and a few others. It's not a true smartphone, but for a prepaid phone (with no sort of contract) you can't beat it for economy. The screen is ok, not as clear as an iPhone or Android phone, but usable for most people. With double minutes, if you pay for 200 for example, you get 400, and they take a while to expire. If you like to text, or just have a lot of phone numbers to enter, the keyboard is very helpful.      

Main Features

Product type Cellphones
Price: Less than $20
Manufacturer: LG
Accessability Features: Audible battery alert
  Hearing aid compatible
  TTY compatible
  Vibrating alert
  Voice control capability
  Wi-Fi networking
  EVDO RavA/WiFi capable
  Hearing aid compatibility = M4/T4
Input Options: Keyboard
Service Provider: Other carriers
Style: Candy bar phone
Wireless Interface: Bluetooth  

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  • Marissa Dauber 07-20-2011 07:45 AM
    I just recently purchased the lg500g and could not have been happier. My old phone, the lg800g, was a touchscreen without a gravity sensor which made it REALLY hard to text on, which I do a lot of. My new phone is great except it either doesn`t have voice commands or voice recordings, or they are just really, really hard to find. If they just aren`t there, then I think they should be, and if it`s just that I can`t find them, then I think that they should be easier to find. Oh yeah, and also the camera is really hard to find too. but overall it`s a great phone! I haven`t had this phone long, but I`ve had it long enough to know that I would most likely give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.