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Spotlight Review: Tracfone LG LG800G with Double Minutes for Life

Overall Ratings
Cool factor: 
Input Options: Touch screen
Speakerphone: No
Style: Candy bar phone
Senior Friendly
Wireless Interface: Bluetooth  
  Tracfone's new LG800G, made by LG for them, features a touch screen with 640x480 resolution. It's easy to read the information on the phone, there are icons and a few apps, though it's not an Android, Blackberry or iPhone so you won't have a wealth of new apps to choose from. It is relatively inexpensive to buy, offered on Amazon for $39.99 and sometimes on the Home Shopping Network with triple minutes for life. It's a pay-as-you-go phone, so you pay for minutes whether you are talking, texting or on the web. Service coverage tends to be good in large metropolitan areas. Read our Senior-friendly Guide to Smartphones.

Main Features

Product type Cellphones
Manufacturer: LG
Accessability Features: Audible battery alert
  Hearing aid compatible
  TTY compatible
  Vibrating alert
  Voice control capability
  Wi-Fi networking
  EVDO RavA/WiFi capable
  Hearing aid compatibility = M4/T4
Input Options: Touch screen
Speakerphone: No
Style: Candy bar phone
Wireless Interface: Bluetooth  

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