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Seven Gadgets that can Prevent Elderly Falls

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Falling is a serious health risk among seniors. In fact, one in three Americans older than 65 will experience a fall this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Not only are falls expensive to treat, but the pain and injuries they cause can have drastic medical consequences. Falling is not a natural part of aging, which is why it is important to take the proper steps to ensure senior safety.

On that note, ElderGadget has put together a list of seven devices that should help prevent unnecessary falls: the Stander Bed Cane, Drive Medical’s Walkabout Folding Delux Lite Rollator, the Giddy Up Stick, Self-Assist Bed Rails, Posey Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat, Car Caddie and Vibram FiveFingers Shoes. 1- Stander Bed Cane http://youtu.be/4OeX6GdhhXk The Stander Bed Cane has an ergonomic, no-slip handle, allowing for easy transfers in and out of bed. The cane attaches to any home or hospital bed, and includes a safety strap for added precaution. The assembly is simple, involving only three bolts and a safety pin, which can be installed in minutes. 2- Drive Medical’s Walkabout Folding Delux Lite Rollator The Walkabout 8? Wheel Folding Deluxe Lite Rollator comes with many standard features such as loop brakes, a padded seat and a basket. 3- The Giddy Up Stick The Giddy Up Stick is a portable sit-to-stand gadget that was invented by an Arthritis sufferer and refined by an orthopedic surgeon. It’s equipped with an offset foam grip handle, which provides maximum comfort and support. 4- Self-Assist Bed Rails http://youtu.be/5fH3xUkde40 The Self-Assist Bed Rail helps you to safely get out of bed. It offers three different levels of independence and mobilit, from the basic single poll to the most supportive double rail system. 5- Posey Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat The Posey Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat is designed to create a safe environment in damp, slippery areas. This mat is made of soft, durable PVC and capable of absorbing up to 93% of impact force from a fall. It is impervious to water, oil, grease, brine, acids, alkalis and bacterial growth. It is easy to install and can be cut to fit any size bathtub, shower stall or bathroom floor. 6- Car Caddie http://youtu.be/jbGJ3nX8_g8 We would be remiss if we didn’t address the difficulty a senior can face entering and exiting a car. The Car Caddie from Stander provides useful assistance when getting in and out of an automobile, which cuts down on potential falls. 7 — Vibram FiveFingers Shoes We have one more product to mention. It is not a preventative gadget per se, but the BrickHouse Medical Alert offers reliable fall detection. If you wear this device during a sudden fall, an alert will be sent to the appropriate authority. It is the only Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) system the provides complete protection on a 24/7 basis. Education is the key to reducing the risks of falls and keeping your senior loved ones safer at home, so we encourage you to check out an additional ElderGadget post about fall prevention. For your convenience, we have post the links to the featured products below. Stander Bed Cane BrickHouse Medical Alert Giddy Up Stick Self Assist Rail Posey Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat Stander Car Caddie Vibram’s FiveFingers Shoes

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