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Hands-on Review: CBTL Americano Single Serving Coffee Maker

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  Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has done it again. They've made an easy to use, easy-to-keep-clean machine that makes a good cup of coffee, tea or espresso, in seconds, on demand. It has a 50-ounce water tank, uses CBTL capsules and automatically portions each beverage for a perfect cup of whatever you like, time after time. The drip tray is adjustable, it automatically drops the cartridge into an easy-to-empty container. How easy is it to use? I've never used one before, I walked up to it having read nothing, put a cup under the spout and a cartridge in the top, then pressed a button based on its symbol and have enjoyed a great cup of joe and a good cup of chai shortly after.  We're all really enjoying the machine here at the Eldergadget World Headquarters. Single-serving coffee/tea makers like this are great for anyone. At parties, you'll be ready for everyone, they can pick a capsule and have what they want in seconds. Literally. Same if you're working at home and want a quick up of espresso for a pick-me-up. They also have dutch chocolate and french vanilla sachets if you want a mocha or french vanilla coffee. There's even caramel syrup to add to any drink if you so desire. The machine is takes up very little space on your counter, it's easy to set up, is ready in minutes and can make your drink in seconds. The Americano is reasonable, at $150, and the coffee and tea choices are plentiful. The capsules are available online or at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores or your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond. You can have them shipped to you on a regular basis. For more information, visit Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. See Full Guide to Elder Friendly Coffee Makers

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Product type Household
Price: $100 - $150
Manufacturer: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Type of appliance: Coffee maker

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  • Jamie 12-22-2011 10:10 PM
    Just picked up my CBTL Americano from Bed Bath and Beyond today. This machine replaces my Krups Moka Brew which died a few days ago- I loved the Krups Moka Brew, very hard to find in the U.S. now. So off I went to replace my coffee maker. After researching and talking to a few people I decided to get the CBTL. It came down to the Keurig B60 or the CBTL Americano. I've had Keurig machine brewed coffee before and while good, never just hit me as 'wow, this is as good as cafe-style coffee.' I was blown away by the quality of the espresso the CBTL machine makes and the brewed coffee is excellent (Vienne and the 10% Kona taste tested). My wife loved the Chai tea this machine also makes, she said it tasted just like Starbucks' Chai tea. I spent about three pods (out of one of the 16 packs) to get the the hang of using this machine. I am now thinking of putting a tip cup next to my machine for when the kids come over!