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Chevy Volt Cleared of Fire Risk

by: Nellie Day
Chevy Volt Cleared of Fire Risk
US federal safety investigators have cleared the Chevrolet Volt of suspicions that the electric-powered car was more susceptible to fire risks than traditional gas-fueled vehicles. These suspicions arose from impact tests that showed the battery and coolant system could be punctured and begin leaking after a side impact. Chevrolet responded very well to customer concerns, offering loaner vehicles while further tests were carried out. It even gave nervous Volt owners the option to sell their cars back! Chevy says no one took them up on the latter offer. After further testing, it was determined that there was no significant trend in the risk of fire damage to Volts or other electric vehicles versus their gas counterparts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also noted that not one real world example of the battery or coolant system cracking, leaking and then catching fire had ever been reported on the Volt.  

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