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Motion Sensors and Senior Health

by: Max Baumgarten
Motion Sensors and Senior Health
One of our readers recently sent us an email saying that, "I am interested in more information on the GE motion sensor that was converted into a Sensor to Monitor Senior Health." We are happy to provide a complete explanation about how the GE motion sensor can be benefit seniors. GE is responsible for the QuietCare sensors, a system that is frequently used in assisted living communities and private residences. The sensors are able to learn your unique individual behavior; consider it a virtual caregiver. The sensors are installed at various points in the bathroom and bedrooms and can sense if anything out of the ordinary has occurred. For example, if someone has made an abnormally long bathroom trip, that extra time might indicate that the person has actually fallen and needs assistance. The sensor will then inform the appropriate personnel -- whether that be the staff at the local assisted living center, a beloved one, or a security task force and help will soon arrive. Because Quiet Care does not actually use videos like other home care systems, there is no concern about privacy intrusions. QuietCare - (GE Healthcare)

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  • Mike Alvidrez 01-31-2015 04:16 PM
    Nee more info on motion sensors for in-home care.