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A New Report Says Siri Stinks

by: Nellie Day
A New Report Says Siri Stinks

A report by Piper Jaffray argued that Siri, the iPhone’s voice-recognition system, is not as great as she thinks she is. The company issued 1,600 common search requests and found she only knew the answer about 62 percent of the time if the setting was loud, and 68 percent if the setting was quiet.

Piper Jaffray gave Siri a “D” grade for accuracy, though the company did believe it would improve with time. The study also noted Siri is good at identify the words you speak, but not necessarily at honoring your request or answering your question.

For this reason, it gave Siri a “B” in comprehension. In a quiet setting, the company said she can identify what you’re saying 89 percent of the time, which is pretty good if you ask us.


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  • LORRAINE Hagerty 05-21-2015 12:23 PM
    I've never had as much problems with Google as I do with Siri.
    It never gets anything I say right and on top of that my brand new I phone 6 keyboard stinks also ! I can't get certain keys to press like the letter Pp or the cap button. I hope they call back their new I phones and fix them
    Lorraine Hagerty