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A Tablet Buyer’s Priorities? Apps, Price

by: Nellie Day
A Tablet Buyer’s Priorities? Apps, Price

It probably comes as no big surprise, but a new study by comScore notes that tablet buyers are most concerned about the device’s price and app selection. Both priorities scored the highest on the study’s 10-point scale. They received an average ranking of 7.7 out of 10 in terms of how important a feature was when purchasing a tablet.

The tablet’s brand name and operating system were next in line in terms of importance, with each scoring an average of 7.5 from the 6,000 people surveyed. Music and video capabilities came in next, scoring a 7.4.

Of less importance to tablet consumers were recommendations from friends, family or sales associates and whether the tablet shared the same operating system as the owner’s smartphone. Social networking abilities also weren’t of prime importance to these participants.

iPad owners were most concerned withapp selection, brand name and operating system (in that order), while Android tablet owners focused on price, apps, and music and video capabilities, according to the study.

The iPad also obtained the highest satisfaction rating among consumers, followed by Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Android tablets.

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