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The Kindle Fire is turning up the heat on its competition

by: David Sarno/LA Times
The Kindle Fire is turning up the heat on its competition
Amazon.com Inc.'s tablet computer is catching on in a big way, by grabbing more than 50% of the market by the fourth month that it was on sale, according to new data from comScore Inc. That represented a near doubling of the Fire's Android market share since December, when it was at 29.4%.
Apple's iPad, according to the market research firm IDC, controls about 55% of the entire tablet market as of the fourth quarter of 2011, with Android tablets accounting for about 45%. 
This means about 30% of Android tablets currently shipping are Kindle Fires, putting the Fire an increasingly close second to the iPad.
That may make dismissing the Kindle Fire more difficult for Apple. In February, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook dismissed tablets like the Kindle Fire as an inferior competitor, mentioning it’s lowering cost as it’s sole benefit.
However, users of the Fire are touting it’s features as impressive and enjoyable. The Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet that links seamlessly with Amazon's awesome collection of digital music, video, magazine, and book services in one easy-to-use package. It boasts a great Web browser, and its curated Android app store includes most of the big must-have apps (such as Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu). The Fire has an ultra-affordable price tag, and the screen quality is exceptional for the price. Tim Cook aside, this is a great product!

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