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What are the Best E-mail Services for Seniors?

by: Max Baumgarten
What are the Best E-mail Services for Seniors?
As you may or may not have heard, Microsoft has unveiled a new Hotmail. Joining the ever-growing market of email services, Hotmail is trying to reinvent its image as the email provider that reduces clutter. Yet, they are not the only email provider to go out of their way to provide users with a slew of senior friendly options. So what exactly should seniors look for in an email services: easy of use, visual simplicity, and intuitiveness. And while "free-use" isn't necessarily a senior friendly feature, it is still something that everyone should put a premium on. We presume you already have an email account. If you are not necessarily happy with its service, then you should follow our suggestions. Additionally, if you don't yet have an email account but you are looking to sign up for one, hopefully we can get you started in the right direction. Without further ado, our favorite email services for seniors: Hotmail: The new kid on the block. Sort of. Hotmail has undergone major upgrades so you might not even recognize it any more. This version of Hotmail is committed to reducing clutter, which makes it conducive for seniors who might be intimidated with excess information. Hotmail is also the best free email provider for sending attachments. In fact, you can send up to 10GB in one email. How much space is that you might ask? That is about 200 pictures attachments in one single email.

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